It’s Possible!

I’ve witnessed the success of so many people who started from little or nothing. They didn’t know what they wanted to do with their life. But they kept pushing until they reached their goal. Am I saying that it was easy? No. Am I saying that they didn’t have obstacles? No. What I am saying is that it’s possible if you keep working towards it.  Everyone’s story is different. Some people end up living their dream in their 20s… other people in their 30s… and some people even in their 40s. You can’t always put a time constraint on success.

Take my friend, Joe, for instance. He started out working for a carpet installation company. He didn’t like working under others and decided to open his own carpet cleaning company, Carpet Cleaning Montgomery, at the age of 30. His business is now booming! He’s happy and making much more money than he did working for someone else.

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Characteristics Necessary for Success

There are some key characteristics and attributes that you need to have in order to really go after the success you’re looking for.

  • Commitment– you have to make up in your mind that you’re put your best effort into fulfilling your goals. Don’t allow other things to distract you! Focus on what you’re trying to do and the results will follow.
  • Persistence– Depending on how big your goal is, it is very likely that you won’t reach it over night. Obstacles and stand-stills may come, but you have to keep working towards whatever you’re trying to accomplish.
  • Passion– Go after something that you’re passionate about. Don’t let others influence your decisions and change your mind about what you’re passionate about. Other people, including parents, family members, and friends, will often times try to stear you in the direction that they want you to go in.
  • Open Mind– Don’t limit yourself. There are so many resources available to you, whether it’s people, programs, books, etc. Don’t be afraid to explore your options. You never know what might workout for you.
  • Faith– You must believe in your dream/passion even if it doesn’t happen in your timing. Stay positive and know that in due time it will work out.
  • Humbleness– Always remain humble. Be thankful for the help and things that are given to you. If you remain humble, others will be more inclined to help you!

Be sure to keep these characteristics in mind!

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Go For It!

Hi guys! I created this blog, Puddle O Fred, to motivate others to keep pushing and work toward your goals no matter what obstacles come your way.

In this post, I want to share my story with you. I grew up in a really small country town. There were very few businesses, a few schools, and no colleges there. All I knew was my home town. We did very little traveling, so I wasn’t exposed to much more. In school, they didn’t really encourage creativity or further education. Most people in our town was expected to simply get a job in the city.

Once I graduated from high school, I knew that I had to figure out what I was going to do. Was I going to stay in my home town or escape? I had to ESCAPE! I considered the military, but I knew that wasn’t for me. I also considered college, but I wasn’t really a good fit for school either. So I decided to get a job, but I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

So I worked and saved! And I eventually decided to quit my job and start my own business. My parents, friends, and everyone around me thought I was absolutely insane. They told me I couldn’t be a business owner because I didn’t have a college degree and I didn’t come from wealth. I explained that I was didn’t need a lot of money to start and that I was willing to take the risk.

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